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About Our Company
How we started
I began Susan's Soaps as a result of eczema I have on my legs and hands. I had been to dermatologists, gotten prescription creams and nothing was helping a large patch of eczema on my leg. One day I went into a natural skin care place and was sold a bottle of cream rinse which the sales person happened to mention I could use to shave my legs. Several months later I realized I no longer had that patch of eczema. It hit me how important it is what you put on your skin.

I had earlier ordered a book on how to make soap, mainly because the pictures looked so good. I decided to give it a try. First for myself, then for gifts and finally at the urging of my local health food store owner - for sale. I eventually added additional products and Susan's Soaps & More was born.

I have become a firm believer in the value of all natural skin care & bath products and products with essential oil aromatherapy. I have used only my products on my skin and hair for probably at least four years and they have never looked or felt better. My products have helped me and a lot of my family, friends and customers. I sincerely believe that they can help you too. I look forward to serving you as a customer. Won't you give Susan's Soaps a try today?

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