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Aromatherapy & Reiki in Taiwan

Both born in 1951 with sound working experiences of Import and Export business during the miracle economic growth era of Taiwan since late 1960's to 1980's.Nancy and I married in 1985 , in the same year our company Zillion Wills Co.,Ltd founded.We export accessories for garment industries and synthetic yarns for textile loomers. We started our business of Aromatherapy products in 1988 and since then, it became our first line of main business.There are products those we import from over 60 suppliers around the world and we also export them including some products of Natively Taiwan produced.The tree that embrassed our whole family is called Taiwan Hinoki tree, they are grown in central Taiwan mountains between 1200M~2800M from sea level. The ages of Taiwan Hinoki trees were 1000~3000 years old or elder were the majority in the forest when they were found by Japanese when they occupied Taiwan in early 1900's. It is believed that there were over 150,000 Taiwan Hinoki trees those were over 1000 years old had been chopped down in the last 80 years.
The products that Taiwan Hinoki tree contributed in our trade are:
Taiwan Hinoki Essential Oil, for limited special people only.
Taiwan Hinoke Hydrosal(Hydrolate) can be exported.
Meditation Mat that made of Taiwan Hinoki wood sliced chips(soft).
Hinoki Powder for burning incense.
How old is this essential oil? Over 1000 years! What is this essential oil called? Taiwan Hinoki.
World's No.1 Essential oil: Taiwan Hinoki Essential oil-None of any essential oil came from it's mother material that is over 1000 years old. only Taiwan Hinoki Essential Oil.

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