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Suzanne became interested in aromatherapy while suffering incapacitating migraines caused by a head and neck injury. After a great deal of trial and error, she found that the combination of deep tissue massage, aromatherapy and chiropractic treatments finally had her on the road to health. For the past ten years she has made a study of the healing qualities of different alternative medicine and health disciplines. Her interest grew stronger in the area of aromatherapy because it was something she could try on her own after some study. Since then she has continuously studied the use of essential oils in the healing process. In 1996, the Migraine Minimizer was the first formula she blended.

Friends and relatives, after seeing the relief she found in these formulas started asking if there was a formula for this pain, or for that problem. The Arthritis/Rheumatism Relief formula was made up at the request of her mother. She was, and remains, very pleased with the relief it brings to her hands.

As she found herself making up more and more blends for her own use, and that of friends and relatives, Suzanne realized her intense interest had grown into a small business. She says “It brought great delight to my heart to be able to explain the benefits to be found in the educated use of essential oils. And I enjoyed meeting new friends at the health fairs in which I participated.”

In 1998, Suzanne left her job as an electronics system engineer for a very large aerospace company in Denver, and moved to Owensboro. Touched By A Scent went to a mail-order format in order to supply the Touched By A Scent oils requested by clients in the western states. In the quieter, peaceful life she has found in Kentucky she hand-blends each bottle of Touched By A Scent oil, and every other product we make, to ensure each product is filled with the energy of love and peace.

In November of 1996 Suzanne was awarded a Certificate in Aromatherapy from the American Institute of Unani Medicine. Suzanne says, “Knowing that the future of aromatherapy will need to be regulated, I am currently enrolled with The Australasian College of Herbal Studies USA. Ms. Dorene Petersen, Principal of the Australasian College, is Chair of the Steering Committee for Educational Standards in Aromatherapy, which has established the Aromatherapy Registration Council. The ARC is currently working to provide a national exam for aromatherapists. A Diploma in Aromatherapy from the College will position me to be licensed as an aromatologist when that time comes.” In May of 2002, Suzanne completed the Certificate in Holistic Structure and Function of the Body. These 230 hours of anatomy and physiology are part of the requirement for completion of the Diploma program.

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