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About Tigerflag Natural Perfumery™

My name is Siri Amrit Kaur, and I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I started this business as a result of the frustration I felt when I tried to find safe, natural, perfumes to replace toxic perfumes that were making me sick. I had a hard time finding perfumes that were both natural AND smelled like something people would actually want to wear. So when I found them, I decided that I would make a store and share these perfumes with others who are sensitive to fragrance chemicals.

What I learned along the way was that everybody who smelled these perfumes loved them! There was no reason to limit them only to people with MCS. And the same went for my non-toxic candles and soap.

In addition to selling perfumes, I like to educate people about the dangers of fragrance chemicals, and teach people ways to live healthier, more natural lives. So even if you aren't interested in buying my products, I hope you will take some time to read the articles and resources throughout the site, and share them with your friends and family.

I think that having MCS is in some ways a blessing. Because I can't use household products that contain synthetic chemicals, I've actually made my home much safer place. If you live as if you have MCS, and eliminate toxic products from your life, you'll reduce your risk of developing MCS and diseases such as cancer. By not supporting industries that manufacture synthetic fragrances, you'll be helping the environment in which you live, and that your children will inherit.

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