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SunRose Aromatics is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream acted upon by one very dedicated individual Rosanne Tartaro. Rosanne founded SunRose in 1997 as her part-time pleasurable interest of many years, metamorphosized into a full-time passion & her business blossomed.

She has studied essential oils, their properties and distillation principles at Purdue University. She completed a course with the American Institute of Aromatherapy, under the direction of Mynou de Mey, and completed various Ethnobotany courses through the New York Botanical Gardens and Horticultural Society.

In addition, she has training extensively in issues of essential oil safety, therapeutic uses and quality control issues of aromatic plant materials (Essential Oils) with Martin Watt. Rosanne has also completed courses in Subtle Aromatherapy ~ Chakra balancing with Joan Clark. Soon afterward, she continued her education by taking Part 2 of the International Training Program in Essential Oils/Advanced Studies course at Rutgers University.

Rosanne feels that ones knowledge of essential oils and plant aromatics is an ongoing discipline and has often stated that her education will continue for life. This dedication to personally continuing her education in Aromatherapy and Essential Oils benefits everyone who enjoys her high quality products. Rosanne freely and generously shares her knowledge with her customers.

Rosanne's business mission is to source quality essential oils available at affordable prices. She has scoured the globe investigating distilleries and their practices to ensure the product she imports is of the highest quality grade. To this end, she always ensures that her oils are GC/MS tested. This ethic has been rewarded with customer loyalty.

Rosanne is an avid reader, gardener & animal lover. She shares her home with her dogs - Teddy and Sasha, her cats - Coco, Joey, & Luna.

SunRose Aromatics has afforded Rosanne the opportunity to meet and correspond with people all around the planet. She feels she has been blessed by these interactions.

Her credo -- "everything for a reason", assists her in learning her life lessons on her present path, as she continues to learn & grow.

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