Saidel Inc.

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We are a privately owned company established in July 2000. We are located in Renton (15 minutes South of Seattle), Washington, and have been operating our online store for more than eight years. We understand the importance of quality products, good customer service, quick order processing, and speedy shipping. All products we offer on our website are in-stock and orders are shipped out within 1 to 3 days, 48 hours on average. We then ship all orders with US Postal Priority Mail to ensure safe and speedy delivery. We purchase our pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils in bulk and then bottle and label ourselves - cutting out the 'middle men' or the 'middle process' that most retail aromatherapy companies use. In other words, with us the Essential Oils go from bulk purchase to final bottled product in one step, done by us, rather than the costly 'middle process' of a store that buys the already finished & bottled product, marks it up, and then simply turns around and sells it. Obviously when a store buys an already finished & ready for sale product it costs them more, and that cost is passed on to you - the customer. Our bulk purchasing, in-house bottling, and our low overhead allows us to provide our premium products at lower prices - passing the savings on to our customers. All of our Essential Oil Blends are created & blended by our staff as well.

Our Aromatherapy online store is managed and operated by it's owners and a few loyal employees. We are not part of a franchise system or pyramid structure, so when you buy from us your money is not being paid to a franchise or to various 'levels' of a sales network, not paid away for distributor commissions, not for big glossy color catalogs, etc.... When you buy from us your money stays local (figuratively speaking), and benefits those involved directly with your transaction only, and as a small yet efficient & experienced company our private structure allows the majority of all revenue to go directly back into acquiring more high quality Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Products.

Our business plan is simple: we understand that there are hundreds of online stores selling Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Products. We have to provide you with only premium quality Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Products or you won't come back. We offer over 140 Essential Oils, and they not only have to be high quality, they have to be offered to you at great prices, or you won't buy from us. We have to provide you with a convenient and user friendly shopping cart that is secure, or you won't shop here. And we have to finish the transaction with good customer service and fast order processing & shipping, or you won't buy from us again. Our company has been successfully operating online for Eight Years now with thousands of happy customers. We understand that Aromatherapy customers are the best kind, Aromatherapy shoppers will buy regularly over time, it's not a one time sale, so if you provide top quality at good prices, and add great service, you will earn the customers loyalty, and their business.
Name: Saidel Inc.

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Phone: (877) 781-1112

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