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We are the manufacturers of the finest premium Perfumes, Fragrances, Incense, and Aromatherapy Products available. Our Incense is soaked and drenched in pure fragrance oils. Our perfumes contain no added alcohol and ALL of our fragrances are cosmetic grade so they can be worn on the skin. We sell only PREMIUM fragrance products! Our products out-sell our competitors, 2 to 1. If there is ANYTHING that we could do to help you please let us know - YOUR satisfaction if OUR goal !

We have been making changes to our site to make it more user friendly. We are a wholesale manufacturer of fragrances and incense but we have removed our normal minimums so that retail customers can also place orders. We have added the ability for you to buy "onesies" on several products that you might have fun with. We understand that the shipping and handling (Fragrance Factory News Page) drives up the cost of these products to you, but if you combine these products with our other products, this should be minimal. We want our customers, especially the retail ones to be able to experiment a little. Fragrances should be a fun thing and because of our wholesale pricing, it gives you the the ability to indulge yourself at what is today, minimal cost.
Please let us know what you think, but be kind!
We would also like to join you in prayer for our troops in Afganistan, Iraq and around the world who are fighting terrorism.
God Bless America,
Bob Scherr
Sales Mgr.

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