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Herbal Incense is as old as history itself. The early Indian civilizations utilized incense as a basic ingredient for sacrificial rituals, and the manufacture of Herbal Incense was nothing less than a sacred art. In the 17th and 18th centuries, natural and herbal Incense ingredients began to be supplanted by chemicals used in the perfume industry, and this trend toward the use of synthetic substitutes in Incense continues to the present day. India still remains an exception, where the natural method is still followed as a centuries old tradition.

Sudarshan brings to you the most natural combustible and non combustible incense products in the purest form in over 300 fragrances for last over 50 years. Started way back in the year 1952 we have grown with our experience in incense industry and are driven by an everlasting desire to create a coveted range of products that meet all tastes & moods.

The range of our products includes Incense sticks, coils, cones, natural agarbatti & garden sticks and magical charcoal tablets. All this is clubbed with a eye catchy range of metal, glass and ceramic handcrafted accessories that include ash catchers, stick holders and lamp rings to bring beauty to your homes along with an everlasting aroma. An array of Pot pourri compliments and completes our vast range of incense products.

Sudarshan today represents the development that the Indian aroma & incense industry has undergone over the past 50 years and caters to a vast market of these products in India & Abroad. The exquisite collection of Incense products unfold the exotic aroma of diverse natural and non toxic fragrances that enhance the spirituality of the ambience.

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