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About Ramakrishnanandas Gifts Inc.

Ramakrishnanandas Gifts Inc. is a wholesaler and Manufacturer of natural healing products and accessories, serving health food, new age and gift retailers throughout the U.S.
The Ramakrishnananda Gifts Company has been supplying hundreds of retail stores and web stores since 2001, with products such as:

Hand rolled Incense
Resin incense products
Natural body care products
Natural wood jewelry and spiritual jewelry
Smudging herbs and supplies
Incense accessories
Imported arts and crafts from the East
Natural aromatherapy products
Attar body oils
Diffusers and burning accessories for oils
Hand made boxes for jewelry \ cards \ personal items
Inspirational items, Cd's & literature
Tools for worship
Religious statues and deities
RGI group has earned excellent reputation for the high quality products, close relationship and personal service given by their sales teams and for their authentic appreciation and love to the products they sell which are usually what they prefer for their own personal use.

Ramakrsnananda Yoga Vedanta Mission

The Ramakrsnananda Yoga Vedanta Mission is an orthodox Hindu church and a recognized non for profit religious organization. Created under the inspiration of His Divine Grace Sri Srimad Mastaram Babaji Maharaja, and the blessings of His Divine Grace Sri Srimad Baba Brahmananda Maharaja of Rsikesa and his Divine Grace Sri Srimad Narahari dasa Babaji Maharaja of Vrndavan.

The objective of the mission is to preserve and spread the message of the ancient Sanatana-dharma religion or Hinduism. The teachings are given according to the original vision of Swami Ramakrsnananda, the sakshi yoga.

The institution has the respect, affection, recognition and broad support from the Hindu community in the United States and its members are dedicated to establishing centers, temples, monasteries and asrams around the world. For more information about the mission: Ramakrsnananda Yoga Vedanta Mission

The Ramakrishnananda Mandir is the first Hindu Temple in New York City. It consists of a central hall contains temples for Lord Siva, Lord Ganesha, Lord Hanuman, Durga Ma, Kali Ma, Lakshmi Ma and Saraswati Ma. In addition to that there is another temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. We also celebrate all the major Hindu holidays and festivals. Our Deity worship ceremonies are performed strictly according to the laws and principles of the ancient Hindu Vedic religion.

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Phone: (866) 202-9357

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