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Priscilla Slagle, M.D. has been using nutrients in her practice since 1975.
She has found that all brands do not produce the same clinical outcome.
She must see reliable, predictable, and positive results from her recommendations.

For that reason, Dr. Slagle is very particular which products she uses.
Over the years she has carefully selected from a number of companies.
Because it was difficult for Dr.Slagle's patients to track down several sources to obtain the precise brands and types of supplements she found most beneficial, they asked to be able to order from one location and "The Way Up" was born in 1988.

Located in Palm Springs, California, "The Way Up" has been shipping quality health-supportive supplements to Dr. Slagle's patients all over the world.

"The Way Up" is now able to provide those same quality supplements to you, and hopes you will benefit as others have.

We also include guidance for how Dr. Slagle uses the supplements to address the conditions listed on the site & a detailed summary of the benefits and/or research on each product.

In describing the products & uses, Dr. Slagle is in no way claiming to include all of the information on each substance.
She has instead selected those properties which most motivate her to recommend a particular supplement.

All supplements are not created equally.
Some manufacturers only purchase from the highest quality providers for their source material.
They are careful not to dilute or change the product in any way.
They do not mix it with fillers, binders & additives, which can alter absorption & cause reactions in some allergic patients.

If you shop & price compare be sure to look at milligram dose, number of capsules or tablets, number of ingredients, and brand for making an accurate comparison.

Since many of Dr. Slagle's patients are allergic she has carefully selected hypoallergenic unadulterated products to minimize any chance of allergies.

May you find a new beginning from "The Way Up"
Name: thewayup

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Phone: (800) 289-8487

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Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express

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