The Healer and the Drug Pusher

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Say no to drugs. Not just narcotics, but all drugs sold as Western Medicine. That is what the young girl Bhanu tells her father who is marketing pharmaceuticals. Her friend, Suneeta is dying in a hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from the effects of a drug manufactured by a Multinational company. Bhanu is a Tamil. Suneeta is a Sinhala. The time is the end of the 20th century. Could Suneetas life be saved by going back to our ancient medical science?

Mitra is a Persian sailor who is cast ashore in the North of Sri Lanka. His life is saved by the Tamil villagers and treated at the hospital attached to the Buddhist temple. His blindness is treated at an eye hospital in the South of Sri Lanka. The time is the end of the 10th century.

This is the story in the novel THE HEALER & THE DRUG PUSHER, which tries to go back to our ancient healing practices and how advanced they were and questions todays developments and if they have really benefited mankind. Isn't our indigenous healthcare system more affordable, more effective and least harmful?

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