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About Us
Welcome to Suddenly Slimmer! You are undoubtedly here to find out more about our Mineral Body Wraps. This incredible process allows you to lose 6 to 20 inches in just 1 wrap, guaranteed, or your next wrap is free! We’d like to tell you a bit more about our experience with the wraps and what we can offer you.

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Suddenly Slimmer Atlanta is owned and operated by Julie and Michael Tracey. When we started looking for a business, we wanted one that could help others, while making a positive impact on our own lives. We are happy to report that as licensees of Suddenly Slender – The Body Wrap, we have found exactly what we we’re l ooking for. At first we were skeptical. We asked ourselves “If it’s so easy, then why isn’t everyone doing it?” All we can say is that Suddenly Slender – The Body Wrap is the best kept secret out there! We are living proof that it works, and we achieved our results without major lifestyle or dietary changes.

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Phone: (678) 381-2100

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