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Our Philosophy

The leading causes of death – heart disease, cancer, stroke, respiratory disease, kidney disease, liver disease, and diabetes – do not appear out of the blue. They are the end result of processes that are decades in the making. To help you understand how longstanding imbalances in the metabolic processes underlying life functions can lead to disease, we have developed Ray & Terry's Longevity Program, which is described in our book,Fantastic Voyage, Live Long Enough to Live Forever.
The advice Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman, M.D. offer on how to keep your body optimally healthy– from what to put into it (“Food and Water,” chapter 4) to how to fine-tune it (“Stress and Balance,” chapter 22) – will enable you to determine your own specific health status and teach you how to take effective corrective action when necessary. The rewards are considerable:

Significant gains in how you feel, including the alleviation of various discomforts, improved gastrointestinal functioning, reversal of fatigue, improvements in sleep, enhanced mood, and attaining your optimal weight
A greatly improved sense of well-being and increased levels of energy
The comfort of knowing that you're on a path toward long-term health while significantly reducing the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and cancer
Conventional medical care is geared toward dealing with long-term degenerative processes only after they erupt into advanced clinical disease, but by this time it is often too late. It's like approaching a cliff but walking backward. You need to recognize that you're getting closer to the edge and stop. Once you fall off, it’s difficult to do anything about it. This is what Ray & Terry’s Longevity Program is all about: to provide the knowledge and the specific steps to take, sooner rather than later, to extend your life, your vitality, and your well-being.

Reprogramming Your Biochemistry

A common attitude is that taking substances other than food, such as supplements should be a last resort, something one takes only to address overt problems. Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman, M.D strongly believe that this is a bad strategy, particularly as one approaches middle age and beyond. Their philosophy is to embrace the unique opportunity we have at this time and place to expand our longevity and human potential. Ray & Terry advocate being active in reprogramming your biochemistry to achieve optimal health.

New research has demonstrated that much of the population is born with genetic defects that can only be corrected by taking significant doses of the appropriate supplements. As one example, people with elevated homocysteine levels have a dramatically increased risk of cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's. Such individuals need substantially more vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and folic acid to lower homocysteine and reduce these risks. Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) amounts won't do the trick.

…Many people have asked us how they can assemble the various supplements needed to follow our approach. In response to these requests, we have designed and made available several supplement combinations to make it easy to implement our basic program. Taking just three supplements: Ray & Terry’s Total Care Daily Formula 2 to 6 tablets per day depending on age), Ray & Terry’s Mega EPA / DHA capsules (2 softgels per day), and Ray & Terry's ALA/ALC/Carnosine/Grape Seed Extract (2 capsules per day) can provide you with a strong foundation for health and longevity.

Taking Total Care in conjunction with Mega EPA/DHA helps ensure that your body has adequate supplies of virtually all the essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids needed for optimal health and anti aging. The powerful antioxidants coenzyme Q 10, grape seed extract and alpha lipoic acid are also included to keep free radical damage in check.

ALA/ALC/Carnosine/GSE is specifically designed to provide antioxidant and antiaging protection in just two capsules a day and can play a valuable role in anyone’s antiaging supplement regimen. Significant dosages of the powerful antioxidants alpha lipoic acid and grape seed extract are combined with acetyl-l-carnitine (a potent energy source and fat burner) to produce a commanding formulation. The cross-link breaker carnosine fights age-related crosslinking of proteins, which are related to a wide range of problems from age spots to cataracts to Alzheimer’s.

Our Ray & Terry’s Supreme Chocolate Nutritional Supplement Shake Mix™ enables you to significantly reduce your calories without deprivation. In addition to being low in calories, Ray & Terry’s Supreme Chocolate™ is very low in carbohydrates and contain no sugar. This delicious nutritional supplement shake allows you to combine powerful health-promoting supplements with good taste and enjoyment. Not just “fortified” with nutritional supplements, Ray and Terry’s Supreme Chocolate Nutritional Supplement Shake™ is made from all health promoting ingredients.

We also offer supplement products designed to target specific issues. For instance, Ray & Terry's Total Eye Care is a powerful formula to protect and nourish your eyes. It is designed to be an optimal nutritional supplement to support and preserve healthy eye function.

Ray & Terry's Cholesterol Therapy provides a comprehensive set of nutrients to support healthy LDL and HDL cholesterol levels.

Ray & Terry's Immune Formula is a superior combination of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and herbs designed to provide the ultimate support to the immune system. It contains Graviola, Red Raspberry, Pomegranate, Pink Bark, Grape Seed, and Essiac Tea Complex.

Please see our Wellness Products for additional supplement combinations. A number of new products are currently in development and will be available shortly

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