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About InterCure, Manufacturer of RESPeRATE
InterCure Ltd. (Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange: INCR), a medical device company, is successfully selling the world's first, FDA-cleared, non-drug, non-invasive hypertension treatment device RESPeRATE.®
InterCure has an exciting product pipeline based on its broadly-patented “Device-Guided Breathing” technology platform. This technology enables a systematic reduction in sympathetic outflow of the autonomic nervous system, one of the key underlying causes of cardiovascular disease, insomnia and several other medical conditions.
Headquartered from New York, NY and Lod Israel, InterCure is a publicly traded Israeli company founded in 1994 by Dr. Benjamin Gavish and Erez Gavish. InterCure also operates a marketing office in London, outsourced call centers/warehouses in NJ, Southampton, UK and Saskatchewan, Canada. RESPeRATE itself is produced in Nazareth, Israel.
Name: Reserate

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