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Product Category
Amino & Other
Animal Health
Vitamin & Herbal
Vitamin & Mineral
Weight Loss & Fitness

Products by Name
Acidophilus Therapy lactobacillus acidophilus
Argentia colloidal silver solution
Argentia colloidal silver throat spray
Argentia Max 400 colloidal silver drops 400 ppm
Argentia Healing cream
Argentia Vet colloidal silver for animals
BioAssist Bioperine & vitamin C
Bone Essence synergistic bone formula
Cellular Advance choline-inositol
Cellulite Attack cosmetic thigh cream
Creatine Strength creatine monohydrate
Diet Therapy herbal weight loss formula
DLPain d, l-phenlalanine
Folate Plus potent folate, zinc, B12
Ginko Kola ginko biloba-gotu kola
Herbal Serenity herbal St. John's Wort
Joint Therapy chondroitin-glucosamine +
Joint Therapy Vet chondroitin-glucosamine +, MSM for animals
Liqui Carnitine L-carnitine & B's solution
Liqui C+B Complex vitamin C & B solution
Liqui Pyc Pycnogenol & vitamin C
Liqui Pet Pyc Pycnogenol & vitamin C for pets
Muscle Therapy weight control formula
Nutri Noni Noni Juice
Nutri-Vite Mega Minerals daily multi-mineral
Nutri-Vite Mega Vitamins daily multi-vitamin
Pet PycC Pycnogenol & vitamin C for pets
PolyANTOX potent antioxidant formula
PycC Pycnogenol & vitamin C
Shark-CAPS shark cartilage

Product Reports

Citrin-herbal weight loss
Colloidal Silver-info
Diet Therapy-info
Liqui Pet Pyc
Liqui Pyc
Shark cartilage

Web Pages (non-product)
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Your Health-General
Nutrition and Health News-Science Articles
Diet & Health Myths and Fallacies
Supplement Articles in General
Taking Supplements
Food Nutrient Stability
The FDA Story
Dieting and Common Sense
Selenium and Cancer
Products for Disease
Nutritional Focus
Ingredients In General
Inactive Ingredients
Required Nutrients for Life
The Dietary Reference Intake Values
Regulatory Health News
Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act
Proposed Labeling Changes
Dictionary of Health Terms
Nutrient Dictionary
Herbal Dictionary
FAQ's-Frequently Asked Questions
Site Changes & Planned Additions to site
Customer Services-What We Offer
Order Fulfillment In General
Order Form
Current Special Offer & SALE
Satisfaction Guaranteed
International Sales
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Disclaimer Remarks
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Business Consulting In Manufacturing
Independent Laboratory Testing
Company Info-General
Latest News From The Farm
Industry Statistics
The Farm Business Philosophy
The Farm Mission Statement
Code of Ethics
The Chemist's Creed
Current Good Manufacturing Practices
Pictures from The Farm
Location Maps of The Farm
The Founders of The Farm

Table of Contents
You can find all of our major pages listed in our table of contents including a short description of each page. Sometimes it is easier to begin here to see what pages are available. Not all pages can be listed. For example, our table of contents does not include all of the scientific journal articles relating nutrition and health -- see our Health News page for these listings.

Contact Information
orders, catalog requests & technical information (24 hours):
1-800-246-6333 (1-800-BIO-NEED)
1-606-725-4201 (local)
other business & international orders (24 hours):

1-606-725-4202 (24 hours)
Postal Address
The Nutrition Farm® (a healthy division of Polyionics Incorporated -- same address)
305 Twin Branch Road
Campton, KY 41301-8839 (for those not familiar, the KY stands for Kentucky!)
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General Information, Sales and Customer Support:
The Prez (President) -- Don Jessup:
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