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Interstate Industries, Inc. dba Monroe Products

Robert A. Monroe, founder, entered radio broadcasting soon after graduation from Ohio State University. After World War II, he opened his own program production organization in New York, and served as Vice President and member of the Board of Directors of the Mutual Broadcasting System network. He is listed in Who's Who in America in the 1950s, and is the author of three books, Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys, and Ultimate Journey.

In 1949, Mr. Monroe formed RAM Enterprises, a corporation that produced network radio programs. By the early '50s, it was producing as many as twenty-eight programs monthly, principally in dramatic and popular quiz shows.

In 1956, the firm set up a Research and Development Division to study the effects of various sound patterns upon human consciousness, including the sleep state. This was a natural direction to take, applying to this new area the audio production methods used in the firm's commercial activity. The purpose was to find more constructive uses for such knowledge than was ordinarily available, and the results of this research have become internationally known.

In 1962, the company moved to Virginia and subsequently changed the corporate name to Interstate Industries, Inc. In this location, it became active in radio station ownership, cable television, and later in the production and sale of audio cassettes. These cassettes were practical expressions of the discoveries made in the earlier and ongoing corporate research program.

The research subsidiary was divested and established as an independent non-profit organization, The Monroe Institute, in 1985. Interstate Industries, Inc. remains a privately-held company.

Robert Monroe's contributions as the guiding personality behind the entire program of development has been supported for nearly 50 years by many specialists from the fields of psychology, psychiatry, medicine, biochemistry, electrical engineering, physics, education, and numerous others who continue their participation to this day. His daughter, Laurie Monroe, continued her father’s work extending the frontiers of knowledge about consciousness and the mind’s unlimited potential until her death in 2006. Under the current input of direction by Maria Monroe Whitehead, (also Monroe’s daughter), and the leadership of Teresa West, a 20-year veteran and president of Monroe Products, the company's vision is to continue to expand the Hemi-Sync® line of products and their benefits into markets worldwide.

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