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General information about QCI Nutritionals

Our natural vitamin supplements and nutritional medicine formulations are supervised by Michael Janson, MD, for your health and safety. Our natural medicine products are manufactured to the highest standards. We are committed to offering you only the highest quality natural dietary supplements without any harmful additives or artificial flavorings, colorings, or preservatives. Nutritional medicine products require the highest standards for the confidence and health of the consumer.

All of our dietary supplements are hypoallergenic and contain no yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, salt, sucrose, or starch. A few products contain dairy or soy. Most of our standardized herbs are in V-Caps® vegetarian capsules because we care about your health and want to provide the highest standard of vitamin therapy supplements to you, our valued customer. We never use cheaper raw materials in order to save money, as we believe that only the best is good enough for your body and your health.

We do not sell dietary supplement tablets that have been manufactured using the heat granulation process. This involves wetting and heating the raw material before tabletting. We feel it is not a healthy way to make nutritional medicine supplements, and it provides no advantage to you the consumer.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee:

QCI Nutritionals is proud to stand behind all of our dietary supplements. If for any reason you are dissatisfied and you need to return an item, just send the bottle back within 60 days and we'll cheerfully refund your money. You can shop with confidence at QCI.

The Top 10 Reasons to shop at QCI Nutritionals:

1. A wide selection of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, standardized herbs and other nutritional medicine products in high-potency therapeutic doses. (No wimpy 10 mg of vitamin C or 5 mg of coenzyme Q10 for us, we give you real doses of natural vitamins!)

2. Fast turnaround service. Orders placed by 3:30 pm EST are shipped out the same day.

3. Absolutely FREE shipping on orders over $135.

4. Regular sales. Check our monthly sales web page for the best deals ever.

5. Purity and content guaranteed. We deliver natural health products that are free from allergenic substances such as corn, wheat, yeast, etc. Our dietary supplements are reliably manufactured and regularly tested, so that what is on the label is in the product and the tablet will dissolve in your stomach.

6. Advice and assistance. When you call to place your vitamin order if you have any questions we will do our best to help you. However, if we do not have an immediate answer we will call you back as quickly as possible.

7. Easy ordering. You can ORDER RIGHT HERE at our online store, or if you prefer, you can call our toll free number: 1-888-922 4848, or you can send an order by e-mail to:, or you can fax us at 386-423-3899. Whichever way you choose, your order will be packed with pride and sent out with care.

8. Our monthly newsletter. Written by Dr. Michael Janson, "Healthy Living" gives the latest information about natural dietary supplements, alternative medicine, nutrition, and exercise. This newsletter is a bonus to our valued customers as our way of thanking you for your business. A subscription is free with orders over $75, or you'll get a free issue with each order.

9. Gift certificates. If you would like to encourage someone you love to start on a natural vitamin therapy program, give them a gift certificate in any amount and let them choose for themselves.

10. Our quality, service, guarantee, prices, and shipping policy are an unbeatable combination.

Contact Information:
Phone: (386) 423-3899

Return For Any Reason: No
Return Time Frame: N/A
Restocking Fee: No

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