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We keep your personal information personal.
Smile’s privacy policy is simple. We never give your personal information to anybody. So your personal information stays just that – personal. Most especially, we will never share your personal information with market research firms, or similar companies.

We give you options.
You have the option for our site to remember your name, address, phone number, and even what you ordered. To have us save this information, please create a login and password when you are placing your order. You may also choose to allow our shopping cart to remember your purchasing information, like your card information, making your later purchases fast and easy. This feature is protected by SSL technology and SET payment procedures. If you do not want us to retain this information for the convenience of your future orders, please do not put a check in the box “Save My Payment Information” when you place your order.

We take extra security steps.
Just keeping your information private and giving you options is not enough for us.

It is also important to us that we protect you against people who would try to take advantage of your information, so our ordering process is secured by SSL (Secured Socket Layer). SSL technology, originally developed for military communication, has quickly become a standard in secure e-commerce.

We even go one step further than most in using the new standard in e-commerce security, SET (Secure Electronic Transmissions). This procedure gives you the added safety of knowing that we never even see your credit card number.

Some experts think this will make shopping online safer than shopping in a retail store.

And the security and trustworthiness of our company is visible in by the Verisign logo visible on all of our secure ordering pages.

Still nervous? Don’t just take our word for it – click on the logo and see what they say about the safety of ordering with

We send you e-mail you will love – but only if you want us to.
We want to help you on your road to health (and to affordable health!) as much as possible. So just a few times a month, we would love to send you e-mail packed with relevant, fun information about holistic health, herbalism, delicious teas, scrumptious recipes, sales on the website, classes in our store, and other useful things.

If you’d like to unsubscribe from our e-mail list, simply follow the instructions at the bottom of the next one you receive. It’s as simple as a few clicks of the mouse.

You may also choose to opt out of this benefit during the ordering process. Simply be sure there is no check in the box next to “Please sign me up for Smile’s educational holistic health newsletter.”

We are always looking for new ways to make you happier.
We see your security and privacy as only one crucial part of your experience shopping and learning with us. If there is ever something more we can do to make you happier, please let us know here. We are always open to new suggestions and can’t wait to hear from you!
Name: Smile Herb

Contact Information:
Phone: (301) 474-8791

Return For Any Reason: No
Return Time Frame: N/A
Restocking Fee: No

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