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I just wanted you to know that after using your stuff for over a year-- since last March-- my skin has never looked so non-adolescent. It's really the goods! Take care, and say hello to Deborah for me,


Just a note to thank you for making sure that my order got processed in time to include the normal travel kit.

I received my order in record time (just two days!) and I'm very happy to be using Sage products again.

Thanks very much for your great service.

Deserrie R

Thank you Barbara for getting back to me and taking the time on the phone to answer questions. I do so appreciate your expertise and your products are superb and have made all the difference in my skin. Thanks again..

Barb D

Thank you very much . I really do appreciate your time looking into my forgetfulness, and help with my questions. It was really exciting to talk to you. You rarely experience that level of personal service ...EVER! I am looking forward to receiving the F&B and smoothing creams. I trust your advice and products always. Thank you again, take care ~

Lori A

I just had two clients tell me that I had the most beautiful skin they have ever seen, they thought I was 25 (I am 34). I LOVE SAGE!!!! Thanks for making such awesome products!!!!!!

Theresa B

I first ordered Sage products for my oldest daughter in October 2001, which makes it about 4 1/2 years. I started using the products too and now all three of my daughters use Sage. I hope that my 13 year old will never experience acne like her two older sisters and I did. I know they will never have the sun damage that I have as they have learned to use their Sage sunscreen every day. You are a great teacher and I thank you for the wonderful products and information you supply. We will never use anything but Sage on our faces - ever.

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