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The life’s work of a plastic surgeon is to restore full function and appearance to patients after injury or damage from disease. The skin is not simply the painted surface of the body, it is perhaps the most functional part of one's life and self esteem.

While treating severely burned patients, Dr. James S. Beckman developed a highly specialized moisturizing cream to restore mobility and softness to skin grafted hands. The skin grafted hands were healed, but wouldn't allow the bending of fingers or grasping of objects necessary for one's livelihood. In the quest for the ultimate moisturizer a new secret ingredient was discovered that greatly enhanced moisturizer penetration and also had a unique side effect of erasing fine wrinkles and restoring youthful coloration to aging facial skin.

Dr. Beckman’s vision as a plastic surgeon was to focus energy on creating a simplified system of products for patients that if used daily, would ensure skin rejuvenation. Each component of the system had to have a special role in the system, yet be a fully stand alone product.

The result was the Therapon Skin Health’s Theraderm Skin Renewal System, a maintenance system that produces phenomenal restoration of health and natural beauty to skin. Taking only minutes a day, it’s easy to incorporate into a routine. It was a natural progression to start a company to provide these products to other physicians for their patients. New advances in cellular biology have allowed Therapon Skin Health to create better solutions and preventions to an ever widening circle of skin problems.
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