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About Us provides the best Royal Jelly product and precious information about the benefits of Royal Jelly for our beloved customers. We are here to help people who suffered from variety of diseases especially easy to get flu, cold, or infected by virus and bacteria, lacking stamina, losing sexual function, and also all of you who want to improve your health through Royal Jelly benefits. aims to bring the best product and provide high-quality, helpful, and trustworthy content. is owned and operated by Edhy Jo. Edhy is originally from Indonesia, a country which has been blessed with very rich natural resources. As an agricultural country, Indonesia has lots of nature forest which become a great source of beehives. Edhy has been living in a country area which located next to a bee farm for years. He had been awfully suffered from acute flu and bad stamina until Royal Jelly saved his life. His experience with the great benefits of Royal Jelly turned him to be a Royal Jelly practitioner and he is very passionate to share his experience and knowledge about Royal Jelly to you.

You all are deserved to be as healthy as possible and your healthiness really mean everything to us, so we are here to provide the best product of Royal Jelly including with scientifically-proven information about Royal Jelly benefits that can free you up from viruses, and boost your energy instantly, without any harsh prescription drugs as well as increase your longevity. Our product has been proven to be effective. People from the country that I came from and most of Asian people have been consuming Royal Jelly in their daily basis to prevent our body immunity to protect us from any diseases. Asian ladies, mostly Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese have been using Royal Jelly to improve their skin smoothness and hair silkiness. With the proof of recent scientific research and many experiences people whose life has been saved by Royal Jelly treatment, Royal Jelly is an answer for all of you who have been seeking for state of well being in your life.

At, we have been working to provide the best product and high quality information to benefit people all over the world to improve their body immunity from virus, increasing their vitality, maintaining the optimum longevity. We are working to build people attentiveness about the benefits of Royal Jelly, which are not only to cure variety of diseases but also to prevent people from viral threats and any other potential illness. Please do not hesitate to validate our product. If you are satisfied with our product please tell your family and friends. We at know that good business will be passed around. We offer you only the best information that is found on our website. Any comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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