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This site is unique! It is about research and accurate information, being your own doctor, and curing yourself. It is not about money or self aggrandizement. This is an educational, not for profit website. It is devoted to promoting life extension, natural health, and healing through good diet, proven supplements, natural hormones, fasting, and general holistic lifestyle.

Here you will find the current documented facts that will help you to heal yourself effectively, safely, naturally, and without drugs, surgery, or radiation.

Young Again Products is a voice to the ongoing, current research. Every year tens of thousands of abstracts in the international science and medical journals of the world are reviewed. Here you will find cutting edge, worldwide scientific information and discoveries on diet, supplements, hormones, fasting and life extension. The frauds, scams and useless promotions in the natural health and herbal remedies industry are exposed as well as those who profit from this misinformation. We do not sell Magic Supplements.

We must take responsibility for our own health, and our very destiny. You cannot get well by giving the responsibility over to any health professional - whether traditional, allopathic or naturopathic. We must treat the cause of our illnesses - whether they be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual - and not just try to remove the symptoms. This site is dedicated to providing the information and "preaching the gospel of natural health" - letting people know how to cure their illnesses and conditions naturally.

You are invited to read Roger's nine books and the hundreds of articles in the free library. Please sign up to receive the free weekly e-newsletter (not an ad). Your privacy is guaranteed and we will never share your e-mail address or information with anyone, for any reason.

Look to yourself instead of looking to credentials and degrees. Read the up-to-date documented information and take responsibility for your own healing.

No one can cure you, but you certainly can cure yourself.

The World's Best Supplements at the World's Best Prices
Young Again Products only offers real products that are clinically proven to work. We will not sell any promotional products that have no benefits. We basically have some of the lowest prices in the world on the highest quality natural supplements . On some we actually make no profit on after expenses, as they are offered as a public service.
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