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About Us

The Founders of Viosan possess many years of successful and progressive experience in both the healthcare and health products industries. We believe in the power and importance of natural, healthy living, an essential element for vitality and longevity. Our mission is to improve the health of our customers by offering a line of the highest quality, therapeutic dosage nutritional supplements, targeting core health issues. We accomplish this while maintaining our resolute focus on the key health initiative, PREVENTION.

Viosan incorporates pharmaceutical quality standards in all facets of our business. This includes raw material evaluation, supplier selection, and laboratory analytics across the entire spectrum of quality, purity, potency and efficacy measures. Quality Assurance and Quality Control checkpoints and adherence to strict manufacturing standards as contained in FDA cGMP's (verified current good manufacturing practices) reinforce our commitment to you. We use only the highest quality and purity (pharmaceutical grade) ingredients in our products, while maintaining rigorous testing protocols to ensure consistent quality and potency.

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