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I had gone to the country to live. After years of the media wars in Manhattan, I was ready to raise heirloom roses in my organic garden. And to volunteer. It was that kind of time.

But then the climate in my garden began to change. And then I saw An Inconvenient Truth. And then one day, my husband Peter said, "Honey, somebody ought to invent a great green website for regular people."

So, welcome to

It's the handiwork of Gloria Dawson, who appeared one Friday evening and became employee #1 and as photo editor, is truly a climate change witness. It's the handiwork of Dan Shapley, whose environmental stories about our magical Hudson River Valley so moved me over the years, he had to become our news editor. And of Karen Berner, whose love of real food informs her work as food editor. And of Brian C. Howard, an eco-warrior, home and tips editor, and builder of his own social pyramid in cyberspace.

The brilliant and beautiful Joan Feeney serves as creative consultant and courage-giver.

Tom and Clay at Blue State Digital taught us the viral crafts. Leslie Marker at Marker Design created our delicious little beta and Raul Goodness at IMS got that site up practically overnight.

John Loughlin, EVP, General Manager of Hearst Magazines, who had a Prius before having a Prius was cool, is

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