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"VITAMIN HERB SPECIALTY SHOP" features Vitamins and Herbs for Better Health for Men, Women, Children, and Diabetics. Pain Relief for Arthritis and Osteoporosis Sufferers, Digestive Aids, and Dental Whitening products are some of the natural Vitamins and Herbs featured.

Women can find products specially for them for before, during, and after childbearing. They can find relief for symptoms of menopausal or menstruational problems, whether cramps or hot flashes. Men find relief for Prostate concerns or a receding hairline.

Diabetics are helped with their Blood Sugar Levels. Persons with Weight Control problems find products to help them control, maintain, or lose weight as needed.

We offer PreNatal, Multiple, Children's Liquid, and Sports Vitamins for Active or Sedentary Men, Women, Children and Diabetics. A regular regimen of supplementation as needed will make Healthier People.

Categories of Vitamins and Herbs are listed on separate pages for your convenience. Or you may scroll thru the alphabetized list of Vitamins and Minerals and Herbs. Products not fitting into a special category will be found in Vitamins or Herb Categories.

If you know the name of a Vitamin or Herb you need, type it into the Search Box. If it does not appear in the box, we may not have the exact item named, but DO NOT DESPAIR! We may carry a better item under a different name in one of the Categories.

Shipping is a low $4.50 for under $40 orders. Shipping for Orders $40.01 to $99.99 is only $6. ORDERS OF $100.00 AND OVER is FREE SHIPPING. SAVEon SHIPPING by making one larger order instead of paying shipping for two or more smaller orders. Take advantage of our LOW SHIPPING.

We wish to give customer satisfaction. If you see any way we can make your shopping easier, please let us know. For comments or questions please send us an e-mail. We will look forward to hearing from you. Just click on the hy-lighted address and fill in the pop-up box with your message!

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