Tobacco Control

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About Tobacco Control

Aims and Scope The journal aims to study:
The nature and consequences of tobacco use worldwide
The effect of tobacco use on health, the economy, the environment and society
The efforts of the health community and health advocates to prevent and control tobacco use
The activities of the tobacco industry and its allies to promote tobacco use
Research Areas:
Evaluation of smoking prevention and cessation policies and programmes
Tracking and evaluation of tobacco control policies and legislation
Epidemiologic and behavioural research on tobacco use
Efforts by the tobacco industry to promote tobacco use and undermine control efforts

"The antismokers are no longer a movement in transition, they are described as having 'come of age'. We only have to read very carefully their own literature and more specifically the new Tobacco Control international journal, which gives you the best digest of their conventional wisdom, of who is doing what, where and with whom's [sic] money ...This is the full editorial board of the 'Tobacco Control Journal'. [shows slide to meeting] I think that these slides speak for themselves. For the industry, this is not a golden circle but a new wall of Berlin, and we are locked in."
From a speech entitled "Our Opponents" to the INMAC Conference, Amsterdam 1992.
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