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Facts to Consider When Contemplating a Workplace Smoking Cessation Program...
The International Society of Employee Benefits Specialists ranks smoking cessation FIRST among workplace health programs for return on investment far ahead of cholesterol screening and weight control

A May 2003 analysis of employee healthcare costs by the Employment Policy Foundation projects that the employer's share of employee healthcare costs is expected to more than TRIPLE by 2009. To place this is in perspective, the average total cost of healthcare for a full-time single employee averaged $3,189 in 2002 with the employer typically absorbing 67% of this cost. By 2009, the EPF projects annual healthcare premiums for the same single employee to rise to an astounding $10,000 per year.

Statistically, out of an average group of 1,000 30-year old employees who smoke, 250 will die from smoking prior to middle age. An additional 250 will die from smoking in retirement. This total does not include those employees who will suffer from long-term respiratory and cardiac illness living out their lives in a state of medical dependency.

In a recent poll of 1,010 employees conducted by Harris Interactive, 89% of employee-smokers believe smoking will increase their risk of developing cancer; 86% believe that smoking will increase their risk of heart attack; and, 84% expect smoking to shorten their lives appreciably. More than 700 of the 1,010 employees polled have a strong desire to quit smoking but feel they lack the willpower or means to do so on their own.

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