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Smokeless Cigarette Provides Edge

(Excerpt from The tablet, publisher by the British Columbia Pharmacy Association, March 2001, volume 10 no 2)

Smokers faced with ever increasing bans on smoking in locations like airplanes, buses, trains, restaurants, theatres office buildings, private
homes, arenas and schools have a new option with Smokers Edge, a cigarette substitute.

Designed to resemble a cigarette, Smokers Edge is a cigarette alternative that you don?t light. You hold and inhale deeply as if you were smoking, but unlike a cigarette, it does not contain dangerous nicotine or tar.

Instead of harmful ingredients, Smokers Edge contains natural herbs, essential oils and provides a chlorophyll flavor that leaves your breath totally refreshed when inhaled.

Smokers Edge has successfully been used to help cut down and even quit smoking. One three piece pack of Smokers Edge will last approximately the same length of time it would take to smoke a carton of cigarettes. If clip clap and stopper are replaced, one smokers Edge could last days or weeks depending on use. Smokers Edge is disposable, so you simply replace Smokers Edge when the freshness is gone
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