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This free colon cleanse information helps constipation and avoids the dangers of enemas and laxatives. Many illnesses appear to be linked to a build up of “mucoid plaque” within the intestinal tract. These include weight problems, heart burn, hair loss, allergies, arthritis, headaches, body odor, frequent colds, fungal infections, depression, psoriasis, excess mucus, sinusitus, hyperactivity, anxiety, fatigue, and others. If left untreated, constipation can also lead to worse bowel conditions, including spastic colon, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS ), Chron’s disease, colitis, diverticulosis, diverticulitis, leaky gut syndrome, and can aggravate celiac disease. We’ve compiled the best colon cleansing program material for you to consider. This self-help free information will show you how to prevent constipation with the best colon cleansing programs and to cleanse your intestines without the use of enemas or laxatives.

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