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Why Most People Have Trouble Losing
Weight and Improving Their Health...

"It's not your fault!" proclaims Jim Caras, author of the weight loss and corrective health book, How to Completely Reshape Your Body! "Most people unknowingly and ineffectively end up using extreme diets, rigorous exercise programs, harmful stimulants, diuretics, laxatives and prescription drugs to find relief from overweight conditions and other common health problems like bloating and allergies. They just have never been told that one of the underlying reasons for being overweight and having nagging health problems is the formation and build-up of intestinal toxins."

Caras continues, "Once we truly understand that the single greatest challenge our body faces is the effective removal of wastes and toxins, we will never again underestimate the importance of cleansing and proper elimination. For these reasons, I frequently counsel that all my clients consider taking a quality colon cleansing formula to help prevent the formation and aid in the removal of intestinal toxins..."

"For those wanting to lose weight and shape their body, this is absolutely crucial as it creates the environment for more rapid and successful results. It will also help to flatten the waistline and eliminate bloating in most cases."

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