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The world has become a toxic place and that’s had a devastating impact on our bodies and health. From industry to the products we use on a daily routine basis, toxins have saturated our lives.

According to a 2002 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) study, at least two-thirds of Americans live in areas where toxic chemicals in the air raise the risk of cancer. Here are some other interesting findings: In 1901, cancer was rare: 1 out of 8,000 people got cancer. Since the Industrial Revolution, the cancer rate today has risen to 1 in 3 and by the year 2009 it will be 1 in 2. [Source: The American Cancer Society]

The Consumer Product Safety Commission connects 150 chemicals commonly found in our homes to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit organization, analyzed the toxic “body burden” of Americans. The researchers tested for 525 toxins and found 455 different toxins in their research subjects. On average, participants’ bodies contained 60 toxins that could be detrimental to the stomach or intestines, 57 that could affect the health of the reproductive system, and 52 that could affect the brain and nervous system.

Given what we knew we saw an extraordinary opportunity to create real change. In order for us to create the change we desired we had to pick apart the conventions one by one to find the solutions. After extensive research and development we not only found the alternatives but we’ve made them better. We’re proud to introduce SoCal Cleanse to you and give you the best the marketplace has to offer; products that are certified organic containing the purest ingredients for both inside and out and wrapped in environmentally efficient and friendly packaging.

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