112 Degrees For Men

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The LIFE SPAN labs Story

Just like the consumers who use this product, the partners who founded LIFE SPAN labs are American male Baby Boomers who want to stay healthy and fit and continue to enjoy a quality sex life in middle age and beyond. More importantly, they want to maintain a feeling of peak performance without taking pharmaceutical drugs.

But when they tried some all-natural alternatives, they discovered they just weren’t effective. Or the few that were effective contained ingredients that weren’t all natural. In fact, some were contaminated with pharmaceutical drugs! Nor did any of the products contribute to long-term sexual health and vitality; they were simply “quick fixes” whose marketing approaches preyed upon the male ego or sexual insecurity.

Realizing a new approach was long overdue in the men’s sexual health product category, the partners at LIFE SPAN labs spent 2 and a half years doing research, and they were ultimately introduced to a proprietary formula developed by a naturopath. The unique formula proved to be safe, effective, and 100% natural. Learn more about 112 Degrees ingredients.

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