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About InnerLight Worldwide Inc. - Our Mission Statement

It is our commitment at InnerLight to offer products that enable a broad market to experience "Inner Health and Outer Beauty". We understand that inner health and outer beauty go hand in hand and that we must feel good on the inside to look our best on the outside. It is our goal to provide you with quality products, backed in science and based on nature, which will make a profound difference in the lives of everyone you know. Our products give the consumer the highest quality ingredients with the greatest amount of benefit.

At InnerLight, you will be positioned to make an extraordinary contribution to everyone that cares about their health, their appearance and the quality of their life. Health and personal care products are not something you can sell easily on retail shelves or magazine ads. It comes from seeing a friend and wondering why they look better, feel better or have more zest for life. When a good friend suddenly loses weight or has more radiant skin you are EAGER to know how they did it. Friends and families trust each other - especially when that friend or neighbor's life has been enhanced and enriched by a quality product.

Financial success in the health and personal care business brings a joy and sense of fulfillment that extends well beyond income and even beyond the lives that are changed forever as a result of one's efforts. It is our goal to make this company a place where you can build a secure financial future, so that you are truly free to help others join you on this path to inner health, outer beauty and financial security...our mission at InnerLight.

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