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Lindsey Wieber and Gwen Whiting, co-founders of The Laundress™, created this luxury fabric care and specialty detergent line to take the chore out of laundry. They saw the necessity of properly caring for their clothing and homes, but were not able to find products on the market that met their standards of delicacy, fragrance and sophistication. This propelled these entrepreneurs to design a luxurious brand of detergents and fabric care with their uniquely developed fragrances of Cedar, Baby, Lady and Classic.

Lindsey and Gwen were both educated in Textile and Apparel Design and Management at Cornell University. Their extensive professional experience in retail, management and product development in the luxury-brand business merged with their educational backgrounds has created a unique knowledge and passion in fine fabrics and garment care.

Lindsey was the Manager of U.S. Sales for CHANEL Ready-to-Wear. She managed the CHANEL boutique accounts and other large accounts such as Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. Lindsey also worked at Brooks Brothers in men's and women's buying departments before her tenure at CHANEL. Gwen was a Senior Designer of the Ralph Lauren Home Collection for five years. Prior to her work in Home Collection, her experience at Ralph Lauren included women's design and Polo Store development.

The two have been entrepreneurs for over a decade. Lindsey and Gwen have had a spectrum of entrepreneurial experiences, from ties to t-shirts. The duo knew since college that they possessed the same entrepreneurial spirit that would one day develop into a joint venture.

The Laundress launched in March 2004, after three years of research and development. Lindsey and Gwen combined their research, backgrounds and knowledge in the luxury business sector to not only create their own line of products, but carefully develop their own scents. The ladies' forays across the globe for work and pleasure greatly influenced the inception of The Laundress, inspiring fragrances and products, and identifying the need for the accessory collection. Their enthusiasm, drive and creativity will ensure that The Laundress is just the beginning of many great things to come.

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