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Young Living Essential Oils is a multinational, relationship marketing company specializing in the production and distribution of therapeutic-grade essential oils and premium products enhanced with essential oils. Young Living is the largest supplier of essential oils in the world.

Our Founder Gary Young learned of the power of essential oils through a profound personal experience that led him on a worldwide odyssey to learn about essential oils and their therapeutic value. Since that time, Young Living's line of superior essential oils has increased to include over 130 different essential oils and oil blends, with an additional 250 nutritional and personal care products.

Gary Young is also the owner of Young Living Lavender Farms in Mona, Utah; St. Maries, Idaho; and Simiane-La-Rotonde, France. These lavender farms are used to help produce Young Living's lavender oil and lavender-enhanced products. More recently, Gary Young has worked to establish a farm in Guayaquil, Ecuador. With its fertile ground and year-round growing season, Guayaquil is ideal for distilling and producing new essential oils designed to inspire individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance.

Headed by a seasoned executive team, Young Living is poised for phenomenal growth in the next decade and beyond. Extreme product loyalty and energetic sharing by our distributor network have been primary factors contributing to this remarkable success. An extensive educational program and ongoing scientific research continue to fuel excitement about Young Living's products and lifestyle opportunities.

Young Living Essential Oils lays claim to the original rediscovery of the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils in the United States. Also, Young Living was the first to introduce to the Western world the power of the revered Ningxia wolfberry, which is the core ingredient in our tremendously powerful antioxidant drink, NingXia Red®. It is this kind of original thinking combined with an untiring pursuit of product purity and potency that separates Young Living Essential Oils from any other company.

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