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About Cadiovascular Sciences
Cardiovascular Sciences, Inc. is a client company of the award winning University of Central Florida Technology Incubator. The Company’s corporate offices are located in the Research Park at UCF where the company pursues its sponsored research. The Company’s primary technology has been its development of a unique material to prevent adhesions following surgery. The Company has a handle on a few novel aspects in this field of research and the Company’s long term goal is to see the fruits of this research introduced to the veterinary and human medical fields.

The Company’s current management is led by Dr. Larry Hooper. A decision was made to capitalize on the expertise available to the company and expand the scope of operations to include a retail market presence to diversify the Company’s interest as well as to establish a solid revenue stream prior to that what might be expected from the Company’s position in the area of anti-adhesion products. It was felt that this should be in an area that is related to health and also be in a market for a product that has seen a growing demand for several years now. With that in mind, considerable research and due diligence was done and the Company’s Rejuven8™ antioxidant, anti-aging cell renewal formula was developed. Pre-market testing has yielded some exciting results and generated quite a bit of interest from various distributors around the country.

The Company is always on the lookout for other products, complementary to its retail flagship, Rejuven8™. These will be added to our current select line of products if they meet the high standards that we set for anything that will bear our name in the marketplace.

Dr Larry Hooper, the current President and CEO, first came to the Company as its Director of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs prior to the Company going public. He moved into a management position following the merger which resulted in the Company going public. He brings a great deal of knowledge, judgment and seasoned wisdom with him to this position. In the past, he has been the site medical director for various trials of pharmaceutical candidates in various stages of regulatory approval by the FDA. He has been involved in establishing various clinical organizations, the director of a large ambulatory pediatric facility and shortly before coming to the Company, was the Chief Flight Surgeon for the U.S. Air Force’s B-2 Stealth Bomber. In addition to his responsibilities leading Cardiovascular Sciences, Inc., Dr. Hooper stays very active and involved in a number of organizations and non-profit causes in which he has quite a passion.
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