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Reliance offers innovative private label supplements made from the finest raw materials available, including standardized herbal extracts. Our products are made with meticulous care and are independently tested by FDA-inspected laboratories.

Our formulas feature some of the most advanced nutrients and botanical ingredients available. Each product is carefully formulated using the latest scientific research and principles of natural medicine. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to work synergistically with other ingredients to enhance the overall effectiveness of the product.

Our products are made with the best form of each nutrient. These forms are chosen because they are easily absorbed and utilized by the human body. Our supplements were among the first to feature CHROMEMATE® and OPTI-ZINC® in multivitamin and mineral formulas. There is very clear scientific evidence that these are the most biologically active forms of chromium and zinc.

Our brand also features the most scientifically advanced Vitamin C, ESTER-C®. This form is absorbed better and retained longer than other forms of Vitamin C.

SELENOMAX®, a natural source of L-selenomethionine, can also be found in our brand of supplements. Recent clinical studies indicate that SELENOMAX® may have an important role in the maintenance of human health.

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