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Our wish here at The Wellness Hut is to provide you with information on leading health and wellness products designed to help you feel and look your best. Products that redefine the aging process and are superior to anything you'll find anywhere.

Connie Varner, certified nutrition advisor with over 20 years in the nutrition field, could see the health problems that people are faced with through the deficiency in foods & the environment. And her dream is to help others with their nutritional and health needs, so she developed The Wellness Hut website to make it easy for you to finally find what you are looking for and need.

Connie knows the value of the Shaklee brand and their scientific research which guarantees the ingredients, purity, safety, and performance of all their products, that is why we will give you your money back should you not be satisfied with any of these products.

We hope you enjoy our website, please feel free to share your comments and suggestions with us, so we can continue to improve this website for you. We want one centralized place where everyone can share their knowledge & resources to help everyone!

Thank you for visiting The Wellness Hut and remember to share this site with your friends & family.


Connie Varner
Certified Nutritional Advisor

Contact Information:
Phone: (352) 625-2901

Return For Any Reason: No
Return Time Frame: N/A
Restocking Fee: No

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