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Rodger Sless has been involved with nutrition/herbal studies since 1976 and has marketed unusual as well as unique health products since the early 1980s. In 1982 Roger's company, Tierra Mega-Nutrients began marketing the famous European anti-aging formula called Gerovital H3, or GH3, which has been used in the spas of Europe since the late 1960s by movie stars, politicians and regular everyday people with sometimes amazing health results.

In 1993, Rodger was raided by the Federal Government over the sale of GH3, which the FDA was trying to call an unapproved new drug. Rodger, his secretary and his shipper were held at gunpoint by agents of the FDA and the Postal Service for over an hour, over the marketing of this dietary supplement that the FDA wanted to get under its control, as it was trying to do at the time with many other vitamins and herbs. Rodger was then put on trial for selling GH3 and prosecuted by the US Justice Dept. in federal court in June of 1994. A Brave New Mexico jury saw through the governments insane overreaching and acquitted Roger unanimously on all counts.

Six months later, The Dietary Supplement Act, cosponsored by Senator Orrin Hatch, was passed by the US Congress after the largest citizen write-in campaign since the Vietnam War. Since that time, GH3 has been protected by The Dietary Supplement Act as a vitamin and has been available to US citizens without further threat of imprisonment.

Tierra Mega-Nutrients is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and provides its products through mail order and through its Internet web site.

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