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I spent so many years eating the wrong types of foods and feeling horrible, not understanding any relation between the two. All that has now changed, I eat well, exercise and take supplements and I want to help you feel as great as I do. I am Katherine Schneider, owner of and this is my Story.

As a child I suffered from a poor diet and poor health to go along with it, from age six and up my diet consisted of chocolate, soda and any other high sugar products I could get my hands on, if I did eat food I would have a tablespoon of cereal with a tablespoon of sugar. With this diet my brain could not function properly and I went from a top student to bottom of the class.

My immune system became very weak and I had severe allergies and asthma, along with constant ear and throat infections, I also was very depressed this whole time crying myself to sleep almost every night, I am talking about seven years of my childhood here, this was not fun!

My mother did not know what to do taking me from doctor to doctor, each one with the same answer, antibiotics, I was on a constant supply, and not once during this time was my diet addressed. I eventually became so sick and mentally unbalanced that by 13 years old I had to leave school. I then became terrified to leave the house, and spent two years inside having a panic attack if I had to leave even just to go to the store.

My mother seeing how sick I was getting finally decided to take me to a naturopath, he explained that my diet was the cause of my health problems, and placed me on a supplement regimen, he also had my mother make fresh vegetable juices in the mornings, this was how I started to regain my health.

I do not suffer any more from allergies, my asthma is gone and I feel so happy, I am like a new person and all that has changed is my eating habits, and taking a few supplements. At first these dietary changes were very tough for me, but it just took some time for my body to adjust, now I love and prefer health foods, and take time each day to take my various vitamins.

This childhood experience has given me a huge passion for natural health, I love the industry so much that I decided to open my own Health Food Store “Raw Health” in Las Vegas in 2005, followed by Healthy Highs online shopping. You will find an interesting selection in the store as I really do sell all the products I love and believe in. Most of the products on the site I have tried at some point, I do all the cleanses, try all different vitamins and do extensive research on all the brands and individual vitamins I sell, I also listen to what products my customers like or dislike and change items based on this feedback.

Not only do I sell a great selection of vitamins, but also many spiritual and self help books, CDs and DVDs, I believe that true happiness involves care of your Body, Mind and Spirit, so sell products to improve on all three.

Now that I feel so good all the time, it is my dedication to help you feel the same, natural health for me it is about feeling good every day, why settle for anything less?

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7445 South Durango Drive Suite 101 Las Vegas NV, 89113

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