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Tibetan herbal formulas are just as effective as conventional medications but without negative side effects, addressing not only symptoms but also their underlying causes. These supplements have helped numerous people for whom other remedies had failed, people with disorders such as arthritis, Parkinson's, and high blood pressure. Because Tibetan medicine recognizes that a two-way approach is necessary for certain ailments, we have also pioneered system-based formulas like Acne Support Combo, which contains two different remedies to address the root causes of all types of acne. Traditional Tibetan Healing is proud to have Dr. Keyzom Bhutti, one of the most senior Tibetan doctors, as our clinical herbalist.

We guarantee the effectiveness, quality and purity of our supplements. Philosophy of compassion and merit based upon healing is at the core of company philosophy. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of our products supports Tibet-related charities.

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