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Don’t let the name fool you...

Tummy Flattening Gel™ (TFG) not only makes your tummy and abs look great, but it also lets you reduce the appearance of bulging pockets of unsightly fat wherever they appear. (That’s why no less than the famed Washington Post dubbed Tummy Flattening Gel’s active compound “The Dream Cream.”)

Put TFG on your thigh, it goes to work directly on your thigh. Thick around the middle? Apply TFG to your waist or tummy and (with diet and exercise, of course) watch as they begin to appear thinner, trimmer and tighter. You can even apply TFG to your double chin. Wherever you’ve got those unsightly lumps and bumps, there’s nothing better than topically applied Tummy Flattening Gel... “The Dream Cream.” It’s amazing... See you at the cosmetic counter!

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