Skin Wisdom

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Skin Wisdom™ Privacy Policy:

Type of Information Collected

When you buy from Skin Wisdom™, either via Direct Sales or the Internet, we protect your privacy. Customer information is gathered so we can better serve you, and we make every effort to ensure its security and to treat your information responsibly.

When you visit our system automatically notes which browser and Internet Provider (IP) you used for access. We collect this navigational information to help us design our pages, so we can provide the majority of our customers with the best shopping experience possible.

We share identifiable information only with those parties entrusted with the processing of your account, the fulfillment of your order, and for providing you with information and updates about our products (please see below for instructions to "opt out" of receiving these updates). We've established procedures to protect your privacy, which we vigorously uphold. Of course, this policy does not apply to information we are required to disclose by law.
Name: Skin Wisdom

Contact Information:
Phone: (888) 313-7546

Return For Any Reason: No
Return Time Frame: N/A
Restocking Fee: No

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