Rainbow Light

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Rainbow Light - a leader in natural nutrition for 25 years

Located in Santa Cruz, California since 1981, Rainbow Light’s track record of innovation and leadership includes:
Creator of the first-ever food-based line of supplements for superior digestibility and increased energy support
Creator of the first-ever food-based one-per-day multivitamins
Offers the #1-selling natural multivitamin product, and the #1-selling women’s, prenatal and men’s multivitamin formulas
Is the #1-selling brand of women’s natural nutritional supplements


Having been at the helm at Rainbow Light for the last 20 of our 25 years in business, I’m proud of our continuing leadership in formulating innovative, health-promoting products, as well as our role in creating groundbreaking contribution and medical education programs. Most rewarding of all is the positive response we get from our customers. We take seriously the opportunity to be a part of your health program. Through rigorous commitment to scientific research, unsurpassable quality standards and superior formulations, we’re dedicated to earning the continued trust of you and your family.

Contact Information:
Phone: (800) 635-1233

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Return Time Frame: N/A
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