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about our prices
We work hard to make sure you save money every time you shop with us. At the online store (powered by™), you pay less and get more.

We are committed to providing low prices every day. Because we're the largest online seller of health and beauty products, we're able to negotiate great prices on many of your favorite products and we pass on those savings to you. To make sure we keep offering you great values, we regularly check prices on thousands of our top-selling items using ACNielsen's Strategic Planner, a large-scale price survey of both chain and independent drugstores which is licensed to us by AC Nielsen (US), Inc. In addition, we scour the Internet to find bargains offered by other companies -- and usually match or beat their promotional offers.

Whenever possible, the "suggested price" shown for a product is the manufacturer's recommended retail price. In cases where no manufacturer's recommended retail price is available, the suggested price reflects our best approximation of the manufacturer's suggested retail price, which is generally the maximum average retail price for traditional chain and independent drugstores over the prior 13 weeks, as provided by ACNielsen’s Strategic Planner. Savings amounts shown on the website represent the difference between our current retail price (including sale prices) and the suggested price for that product. In many cases, the suggested price is a comparative price estimate and may or may not represent the prevailing price in every area on any particular day. Our intent is to price our products at a substantial discount to suggested prices whenever possible.

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