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Your body has a continuous need for specific nutrients in order to feed your cells so that they may function as well as reproduce themselves. There are several dozen basic nutrients - (vitamins, minerals and amino acids) that the body needs to function optimally. Since we do not ingest them all from our food we need a supplement to insure we receive these necessary nutrients. According to the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association and other scientific health journals and associations - we need supplements to maintain our health. Each cell in our body needs these nutrients. Stress, environmental hazards and too much or too little nutrients cause our systems to malfunction. These imbalances cause dis-ease or ill health. Our biochemical systems may also have inherent flaws and tendencies to certain health conditions based on our genes. Individualized nutrition can maintain optimal functioning of these systems and prolong the quality of our life and fend off illness. It is a delicate balance to maintain the proper nutrition. Signature Supplements™ Nutritional Profile system provides the testing necessary to identify imbalances and develop specific nutritional solutions to optimize your health. Most of our clients feel the difference within a few weeks of starting their individualized program.

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