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Our business started as Roesch Natural Foods, which was founded by Al and Tammy Roesch in 1995. The business was run out of their home until 1998, when they relocated to Geneva, Ohio. The business thrived for 7 years. At that point, 3 of their 5 children had gone off to college and/or work, leaving them the desire to retire from the storefront business and finish raising their last two children. That is where my husband and I took over.

There are 8 of us in our blended family: My husband, Ray Janz, 55, who is with me full-time in the store making our breads; myself, Sherrie Janz, 41, who went through a culinary school/restaurant for two years and have done everything from fast food and head chef catering to having my own cake decorating/pastry business; Scott, 30, who is a father of two girls and a 9-month-old son and is an auto mechanic; Becki, 27, who has a 9-month-old son and works in Solon, Ohio; Tim, 25, who was recently married last December, has completed 4 years in the United States Coast Guard, and works on the inboard motors for the clippers; Todd, 18, who is in his senior year at North High School in Willoughby Hills, Ohio; Sarah, 17, who plays a beautiful trumpet and is a Senior at Madison High School in Madison, Ohio, and she plans on going to Malone College next fall for Business; and Bobby, 16, who has his father's blood in him and could one day be the next Pel'e in soccer. He has played on the varsity team and is playing indoors through the winter. His coach says as long as he keeps his grades up, he should get a full scholarship for his natural gift that can't be learned.

My husband and I and our three youngest attend Cornerstone Friends Church in Madison, Ohio, and have been members for many years. We believe deeply that God has something better for us in life and in health. It is our duty as God's children to take care of our temple inside and out. God has created all things for our health in the form of fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, and herbs, and we are here to help you in discovering all that he has given us.

My husband and I have been slowly moving towards a healthier lifestyle over the last 10 years. We started out using essential oils for first aid, then in soaps and facial products we make. About 6 years ago, we started shopping at Roesch Natural Foods, and shortly after that started taking the Better Than Greens. We incorporated whole food vitamins and supplements for allergies and ailments. The whole foods in itself help tremendously with energy and feeling refreshed throughout the day.

With my allergies to milk and chicken, I have removed milk, cheese and eggs from my diet and, in doing so, my energy levels have soared. Don't get me wrong, it's not easy staying away from foods I love. But knowing the ramifications if I don't are my reminders in staying on track. My husband started eliminating the milks shortly after I did, and we are having a great time trying new dishes and working with new products we've never used before.

Our hopes are to continue a healthy lifestyle along with educating others on doing the same. Ray and I are enrolling into an Herbalist Retail Certified Class through Dr. Christopher School of Natural Healing. This degree will enable us to better serve the community with our products. Our goal is to help those in need of assistance merging into natural supplements, vitamins and homeopathic medicines.

Having known the original owners and being blessed by their knowledge of herbs instead of prescription drugs, I am currently drug-free and have been for several years. I was on inhalers for my asthma, pills for my allergies, ointments for my eczema, and high doses of ibuprofen for my joint pain. Currently, I am only taking whole food vitamins, flax seed, fish oils, digestive enzymes, and probiotics.

I have created a spray for my Eczema, which has almost healed a friend of mine of her psoriasis. This item is on sale in the store, as well as online. It's called Sherrie's Jubilee. My stepson Todd came up with the name and we thought it fit since we used the scripture Leviticus 25:9 which talks about the jubilee and the restoration which is what seems to happen with my spray. I thought it fitting to use the name for the spray.

It has been a pleasure letting you get to know all of us, and we hope this turns into a lasting relationship with you.
Our Blessings to you all,

Ray and Sherrie Janz

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