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K.P.White & Company was formed shortly after Hurricane Andrew ravaged South Florida in August, 1992. Until then, my partner and I ran a successful row-crop farm operation using sustainable techniques. As a South Florida "Cracker", born and bred, my partner eschewed the use of chemistry, toxic or otherwise, in favor of building and balancing soil systems. He believed, as I do today, that fertilizers do not grow plants. Rather, healthy soil grows plants, and that, ideally, fertilizers are used primarily to replace those nutrients removed by harvesting the crops.
The price of South Florida real estate being what it is, we did not own the ground we farmed. Rather, we leased individual plots of various acreage for various periods of time - the longer the better. Invariably, we would expend much time, work and money building a soil system to our requirements only to have the landlord decide to sell off to developers. Needless to say, we gained much experience in soil recovery techniques as we relocated from field to field, and this experience plays a very important role in our Company operations today.

Like many other Homestead area growers, we were put out of business by the hurricane. Our crops in the ground survived well enough, but our ability to harvest, transport or otherwise market them was completely curtailed due to total devastation of the local infrastructure. My partner passed away shortly thereafter.

Upon relocating to West Central Florida, I opened up the consultation company. My thinking was that if I could no longer actively farm, I could at least share my knowledge and experience. In the process, there has been nearly constant continuing education and recruitment of a trained, highly skilled team of consultants.

Our reach now extends to Florida, California, Kansas, South Dakota and Texas in the United States, and has ongoing projects under development in East Africa, Mexico, Haiti Jamaica and Micronesia. Our clients range in size from less than one acre up to hundreds of acres. They grow fruits, vegetables, hay and pasture. There is a pecan tree farm on the East Coast and almond tree farm on the West Coast. Our East African project entails building a 6000 acre demonstration/test farm from scratch, complete with a training syllabus for local farmers in cooperation with the local agricultural university.

The Greenhouse Nurseries is my store front on the World Wide Web. This web site focuses on the needs of commercial greenhouses and nurseries.

We are a very small fish in the huge pond of conventional agri-business, but we are superbly qualified to train and assist those individuals who wish to break their chemical ties and reduce their input costs of growing high-quality crops.

The bottom line? The system works and our clients are happy. We think it's safe to say that we know what we're doing.

And we get a heck of a kick out of it.....

Kerry White

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