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We now have our most popular magnetic bracelet styles crafted in commercially pure grade 2 titanium (as of April 22, 2006 we added CP Grade 3 Titanium for 3 select styles). Now you can have the ultimate magnetic bracelet! Super light weight and still have the magnetic therapy benefits. The perfect addition to the serious golfers equipment.
Our titanium magnetic bracelets are crafted using Commercially Pure (CP) Grade 2 and 3 Titanium, an extremely bio-compatible metal. CP Grade 2 and 3 titanium finds wide use in the medical field as implants, heart valves, etc. AAAMagnetic titanium magnetic bracelets DO NOT use "aircraft quality," aerospace or other industrial titanium alloys. Many people active in sports have asked for a light weight magnetic bracelet that would not affect their playing performance. The most vocal have been golfers, who suggest the heavy stainless magnetic bracelets can adversely affect their swing. Now with titanium they can have a magnetic bracelet at a fraction of the normal weight of stainless steel, still enjoy the benefits of magnetics and have a piece of titanium jewelry that will last for years. Any one of our signature series titanium magnetic bracelets make an indispensable addition to your golf or sports equipment.
New line of Premium Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets. Using nickel free non reactive 316 stainless steel, 3200 to 3800 gauss magnets, easy to use fold over clasp, polished or burnished with or without 18K IPG gold trim, these stainless steel magnetic bracelets will give years of trouble free wear. How do we know the true gauss of our magnetic bracelets? We test each and every magnetic bracelet before shipment. Do not confuse our copper magnetic bracelets and copper bracelets with made in India, China or England copper bracelets and copper jewelry. We carry copper magnetic bracelets and copper bracelets that are completely manufactured from start to finish in the USA. Be assured that our copper magnetic bracelets and copper bracelets use the purest copper available. All copper bracelets and copper magnetic bracelets we sell are solid pure copper, not plated. We are sure that you will find something that fits your style and needs of copper cuff bracelets, copper link bracelets, copper chain bracelets and copper jewelry on the pages above. Remember ALL of the copper bracelets copper cuff bracelets and copper jewelry on this web site are made using the purest available copper. We can honestly say that you will not find higher quality copper bracelets and copper magnetic bracelets or anywhere. The copper rings and copper necklaces are made using the same exacting standards as all of our copper bracelet items. Our pure copper bracelets and copper magnetic bracelets make use of a fine Egyptian lacquer to protect the finish until the copper is worn. This lacquer is designed to wear off so the copper may come into direct contact with the skin. Any commercially available brass or metal cleaner may be used to polish your copper jewelry. A greenish color may appear on your wrist while wearing our pure copper cuff bracelets. The green color is copper being slowly dissolved from the copper bracelet, copper magnetic bracelet (magnetic copper bracelet) or copper jewelry and can be easily washed off. For those individuals wearing copper for arthritis this is exactly what they want to see. Please visit our magnetic therapy info page to help you decide if magnetic therapy is for you. All items are in stock and ready for shipment. Out of stock items are removed from the web site. Most orders ship same day and all within 24 hours. Need help in determining the length of your new magnetic link bracelet?

Magnetic hematite bracelets. We have a full line of hematite magnetic bracelets that will allow the most discriminating and fashion conscious individual to find something to satisfy their tastes! Need help with sizing your magnetic bracelet? For golf, sports, magnetic therapy, something for everyone.

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