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Welcome to Unique Magnetic
A Quality Name In Magnetic Jewelry

Please enjoy our attractive hand crafted custom magnetic bracelets, Necklaces and anklets.
Created with high quality 7000 gauss magnets, semi-precious stones, swarovski crystals, and other fine high quality materials. Finally! Magnetic pain therapy that is stylish and timeless for men, women, and our pets.
There are almost as many theories about how magnets relate to pain relief, as there are beads in our catalog. Theories range from increased circulation of the blood to the loss of the earth's natural magnetic field. There have been many medical tests conducted throughout history, but serious investigative tests only began in the past quarter of a century.
So far, it seems that the only thing that is certain is that it takes approximately 2400 gauss of magnetic strength to penetrate human skin. We have them covered...our magnets are more than double the required strength.
Of the many explanations available, there is one that is most logical. Because pain is an electronic impulse, magnets are able to disrupt that signal preventing it from reaching the brain. It’s NOT magic. It’s NOT complicated science. It’s simply a natural diversion of the pain signal. The results are a diminished sensation of pain and for most people this means elimination of pain!! To our knowledge, no magnets heal. They simply interfere with the pain signal.
While we refuse to make medical claims such as increased blood circulation or reduction of swelling, cysts, or calcium deposits, we have read and heard such claims...Many from our own customers. When you wear Unique Magnetic Jewelry, the only thing you have to loss is Pain and you are also wearing beautiful piece of jewelry.

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